Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Happy New Year - Update for year to come.

Wow, the last time I posted here was September 16th of last year.  Time really does fly. I started several different projects in 2013, and towards the end of the year, just couldn't find the time to maintain this one the way I really want to. My main resolution for 2014 was to get my internet affairs in order, kill off some of the projects that I'm just not feeling and put more time into the projects I really enjoy ! This , I'm happy to inform you is one of the projects that I really enjoyed and plan on posting here much more in 2014.

One of the projects I started towards the end of the year is the creation of This is a web design, graphic design company that I'm slowly getting off the ground. This project really took up most of my time and is why I just couldn't find the time to post here. You can also follow on twitter . The feed features a lot of stuff on photography, web design, blog design, graphic design and linux and open source software. It's twitter so you really never know what will end up in the feed if you decide to follow.

With that said, I plan on posting to this blog a lot more in 2014. Twenty seven posts in 2013 wasn't a banner year for blogging on My Amateur Photo, but I have a couple different ideas to keep things interesting in 2014.

First, last year I tried to do a picture a day thing that just never even got off the ground. One of the main reasons for this,  it was just such a pain in the arse lugging around my camera and equipment to accomplish this goal. I quit before I even started :-( However, a few months back I purchased a smartphone and I'm actually pretty impressed with the camera that came with it. I'm also pretty impressed with some of the different camera apps for smartphones. This year I'm going to do the picture a day, but some will be with my SLR camera and others will be with my smartphone.
Along with the picture post I'll try to explain any post processing that was done, special apps, or filters used.

Next, I'm going to try and post at least one tutorial a week. Some will be my work, others may be links to other peoples work, and some youtube videos as well. I've been coming across some really great stuff on the net that I'd love to share with you all. I may even try my hand at Youtube videos this year.

 You can also look forward to software and product reviews and maybe a few surprises.

Finally, I'm planning on making some design changes to the blog. I'm always tinkering with it but I think I'm going to be making some major changes.

Anyway, thanks to all who started following in 2013 ! I really appreciate the support. If you're on twitter please follow and introduce yourself, I'd love to meet you. If your into graphic design and web design you may also want to check out the blog at

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