Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Putting Some Photos To Use.

Its been about a year and a half since I started this hobby. In that time I've accumulated a lot of photos. Some photographs are good, some not so much. I started wondering what I should do with all these photos I've captured.

I uploaded a few to my My policy with morguefile is that with every image I download and use , I upload an image to give back to the community. This isn't required, but I thought it would be a good personal policy. Currently I think I have 8 images there. If your on morguefile click on the link and follow me .

Autumn in Western New York. One or the images currently found in my morguefile account. You can use the image for just about anything and the license agreement can be found with the image.

I uploaded a few to my I'm new to flickr and just started using it. Most of my images are rights reserved and I watermark them, but I put a few others up under CC license. I tend to put my better shots and things I'm experimenting with on flickr.
One of the last images I took. This is one of my favorites and I uploaded it to flickr.

This barely even covers the amount of photos I've taken in the last year and a half. What good is a hobby if you can't make good use of it ? What to do ? I decided to merge 2 hobbies. I love learning Spanish, and I love taking photographs so I merged these two hobbies together and created a Learn Spanish blog. Enter
One of the images being used on I love the way the dog looks like he's smiling in this picture. Not a really great photo, but more than acceptable for what it's being used for.

This has worked out really well for a couple reasons. 1) I now have motivation to take pictures of everything and use them on the Spanish language blog. 2) Even the pictures that aren't that great (most of them) I can put to use on the Spanish language blog. Every image gets labeled in Spanish now and uploaded to my blog. Well not every image but you get the point. 3) Last but not least I can use the blog as a makeshift portfolio of my graphic design work, and photography work to show to my New Aeon Design customers. I need to start putting a portfolio together.

Anyway, this has really helped me to get motivated, take more pictures, and get my work out there. That's really what this post is about. Finding things to keep you motivated, keep you snapping pictures, and of course putting those images to use !

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