Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Rainbow In The Backyard

I was hanging out in the backyard after a rain shower and was lucky enough  to catch this. The shot is taken with my Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II Android device. I keep saying it but, I'm really impressed with the smart phone camera. They really have come a long way. If you need a camera for a quick shot, it certainly is better than no camera at all.

Image captured with a Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II in Autumn mode. Edited in Gimp, bumped the contrast and brightness a bit. I also used the rotate tool and a slight crop. I love the smart phone camera in a pinch.
I love the clouds and the blue sky. My smart phone camera captures skies better than my Nikon D3000. I used the scene mode: Autumn thinking it would bring out the colors of the Rainbow and I think it did.

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