Saturday, January 5, 2013

Catching The Feel Of The Day

I've been trying to take a few pictures a day. For the most part I shoot anything available. Yesterday was a dark snowy day and I needed to go to the store for some groceries. So I grabbed the camera, went to the store and took a few shots around the grocery store parking lot, and headed home. I really wanted to try and capture the feel of the day with my camera. Not satisfied with what I shot in the parking lot of the grocery store, I decided to stop by the train yard at the corner of my street.

This is the first photo I took since I got the camera that I feel captures the mood of the moment. The cold , dark , snowy day it was, I think was captured in black and white. I also just learned how to find monochrome mode in my camera. LOL. A total amateur for sure.

As I was finishing up, I put the camera in color mode to snap some graffiti shots, and a plow drove by. I snapped a picture in color and was pretty happy with the results. I'm trying to shoot all my photo's using the rule of thirds. I think I'm getting that concept. I used to always try and center my subject matter and after doing some research and some experiments I realize how centering every shot can take away from the moment.

I'm still shooting in jpeg I just haven't learned enough about post processing yet to feel comfortable shooting in raw. I did have the camera set to A mode which I guess adjusts the aperture, but I don't know what aperture I was shooting in. Learning all the time. I'll start keeping better track of that stuff as I learn more. Both photo's are posted as shot, and I did no photo editing in Gimp other than scale them down from the original size.

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