Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Please Help Me !

Dear friends, fellow bloggers, and countrymen... Citizens of earth, and denizens of the world wide web. I call out to you in my hour of need, in hopes that someone ... anyone, might be able to help me with this monumental problem that must be solved !

This post will be tagged under advice and is slightly off topic, but I assure you there is a method to my madness.First let me show you the problem and quickly give you the advice part of this post.

This is an amateur photograph of a burrito. Not only is it an amateur photograph of a burrito, but it's also a crappy amateur photograph, of a very crappy burrito ! Why you might ask would the humble host of My Amateur Photo, post a crappy picture of a very crappy burrito ? For two reasons. One being the first bit of advice I was given when I got my camera and that was to take pictures of everything. That's just what I've been doing. I've taken pictures of dinner place settings, my parents, my pets, my food, the ground, the sky, the stars, and the moon, planes, trains, automobiles and anything else I could zoom in on ! The more pictures you take the more you will learn. I'm also finding this theory to be very true, I've learned a lot recently and occasionally snap a decent shot due to this advice. This crappy amateur photo, of this crappy burrito, is my proof to the world that I've been doing just that. Taking pictures of everything.

Now back to my problem. I live in New York state. I moved out west for a couple years and got used to real Mexican food. After tasting the heavenly deliciousness of real Mexican cooking, a standard New York state burrito just ain't cutting it. We have some of the best Italian restaurants, and some really good Puerto Rican cuisine, but we just can't figure out Mexican around here. After taking the crappy amateur photo of this very crappy burrito, it hit me like a ton of bricks ! Why not post the crappy picture of the crappy burrito on the internet in hopes that someone, anyone, might be able to point me to a webpage, or recipe site with a really good Mexican burrito recipe. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD,AND ALL THAT'S GOOD SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME. It's been 10 years since I've had a real burrito.

I've looked at recipe sites, I've tried to make my own, and I just can't find the proper recipe. Somewhere on the WORLD WIDE WEB, there has to be an authentic Mexican burrito recipe, filled with rice, and beans, and delectable beef simmered in delicious herbs and spices. I hate to break it to you N.Y. but a burrito is not some fried ground beef, with a couple dashes of hot sauce, some lettuce, tomato and onion ! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME.

Now this burrito came from a friends restaurant and in all fairness to the chef by N.Y. standards it's a pretty good burrito. Might possibly be the best burrito in the city I live in, it's just not West Coast Mexican cooking. If you should come upon this post, and you recognize this as your burrito, I ate the whole thing and by N.Y. standards it's not as bad as I'm making it out to be. It just really left me craving for that West Coast Mexican flavor.

On a closing note, if you've read this far, take pictures of everything. That's how you learn. The more pictures you take the more opportunities you will get to see how your camera operates in different light settings. What lens to use and so on and so forth. The more pix you take, the more you will learn, and the better your pictures will start to come out. ALL KIDDING ASIDE , IF I DON'T GET A REAL BURRITO SOON, I'M GONNA GO NUTS, SO IF YOU KNOW OF A WEB LINK TO A REAL MEXICAN BURRITO RECIPE PLEASE POST THE LINK IN THE COMMENTS. I assure you the God's will bless you repeatedly for this one act of kindness and I will be forever in your debt !

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