Sunday, January 6, 2013

First Lesson Learned

Well this is my first lesson learned, and a tip for anyone new taking up this hobby. The other day when I was out snapping a few photos I took this picture of the water tower. It's a terrible picture, I don't like the angle, it's cockeyed, and the worst part about it is the parking sign almost in the center of the photo all out of focus.

When I looked through the camera view finder A) I didn't notice the sign, or B) it looked o.k. thus I ignored it. I guess I have to start thinking like a camera when I shoot my photo's. When you look through the view finder ask yourself will this part of the photo be blurry, sharp, will it appear like an anomaly ? If so change your position, shoot from a different angle, or find a better location to take the shot. This also happened with another shot I took of some houses with a few weeds in front blowing in the wind, when I got home the weeds looked like anomalies and not weeds at all. Again this happened right in the center of the shot, thus ruining what may have been a really cool photo.

So my first suggestion to anyone new, and the first lesson I've learned is look at your surroundings. When looking through the view finder, ask yourself how the little things like road signs, and weeds, or trees are going to effect the overall image and take into consideration the objects that are blowing around in the wind, how hard the wind is blowing, and how you think the movement from the wind will effect the sharpness of the image.

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