Friday, January 11, 2013

Lens Cleaning Nikon Video Tutorial

So I bring my camera out today while I'm running some errands. It's raining, dark skies, poor light, I'm out all day and don't see one interesting thing to shoot in the type of day light I had to work with. I did notice a couple things that I'll shoot on a day with better light. Finally at about dusk I'm driving up a road and spot some deer. More on these lil dood's tomorrow. I get excited, grab my camera, set the lens cap on my lap while I'm making some quick adjustments to my camera, jump out of the car, and start taking pictures. The last of the light goes down, I hop back into my car, only to discover, I can't find my lens cap :(. I open the car door, and there next to the car is my lens cap covered in mud. NOT COOL !

I blow it off, stick the camera in my bag, and head home. When I get home I clean the lens cap with a new toothbrush to get all the dirt out of the crevices of the the lens cap, run it under water and stick it in the dish drainer to dry it off. I wipe off the lens with the soft part of my sweater, place a plastic bag over the lens while the caps drying and I'm done. WTF , I'm a newb, and at times a bit dumb, or at least do dumb things. This technique worked fine for me but I decided to look it up on the internet and see what the proper way to clean a lens, and lens cap would be. I found this video from Nikon on Youtube and thought I would share it here.

I get paid bi-weekly and am planning on spending a portion of my check every other week on camera equipment. I was planning on buying a tripod this week, but I ended up spending close to $100.00 on a service plan / camera insurance. The whole camera is covered and even if I drop a lens and break it , it gets replaced. Being the clumsy oaf I am at times, it sounded like a good idea. Next week I think I'll be investing in a cleaning kit. After today's fiasco it'll probably be money well spent !

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